? Live Q&A: Charlie Bloe: Stroke risk assessment in AF and anticoagulation


We are incredibly proud to welcome friend and colleague of PIP nurse consultant Charlie Bloe to deliver this interactive session.


During this event, Charlie will describe some of the aspects of the processes involved in stroke risk assessment in atrial fibrillation and touch on some of the considerations when using oral anticoagulants.


This webinar has been sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo Ltd. They have had no input into any aspect of the design and/or delivery of the advertised webinar; however please note that Daiichi Sankyo Ltd will make a short independent promotional presentation during the event. This event is for registered healthcare professionals only. 



7th September 2021



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Speaker information


Charlie has a particular interest in two key areas of cardiology; the early management of acute coronary syndrome and embolic stroke prevention in Atrial Fibrillation. He established one of the first nurse-led thrombolysis practices in Scotland in 1990 and soon after arriving in NHS Highland in 2008 he developed the pre-hospital ECG support service that has significantly increased early delivery of life-saving thrombolysis treatment by Paramedics. His work around embolic stroke prevention in Atrial Fibrillation won First Place at the coveted Thrombus 2012 Awards.


BSc RN NDN ITU cert. Charlie graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1984 and subsequently pursued a career in Acute Cardiac Nursing. He has been particularly proactive in Cardiac Education and has authored over 50 interactive educational programmes to date. His work in cardiac CPD earned him The British Journal of Cardiac Nursing ‘Innovation in Education’ Award in 2008.


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Feedback from previous live events


“This was an excellent session, I learnt a lot, and have a lot of follow up reading to do, I wasn’t familiar with the GINA report and some of the other resources and websites mentioned are new to me too.”


“The webinar was great, having such a knowledgeable speaker added a lot of value and his participation in research around inhaler technique made it very insightful. I feel I now have the knowledge to improve patients’ inhaler techniques even better than before this webinar. I am studying for the IP qualification in respiratory just now, so the topic was very relevant to me. I look forward to the next respiratory session & the common clinical conditions one. Thank you for arranging these great sessions, I know it must take a lot of time and planning.”


“I really enjoyed the webinar on Inhaler technique. Excellent speaker with great knowledge and practical tips. Reinforced messages I already knew and made sense of things I was unclear on. Useful tools for further CPD and for working with patients to improve outcomes.”


“Thank you to both Johnathan and his team and Toby for an excellent webinar.”


“It’s brilliant that you have organised this session, it’s definitely an area where pharmacists can do so much more to improve care and help prevent deaths. You mooted perhaps a further session – I think this would be very worthwhile to reinforce learning.”


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