🎙️ The future of community pharmacy vaccination services, training and autonomous practice

This has been a very disruptive period in our recent history and community pharmacists across the land have been thrust to the fore. The public-facing side of community pharmacy has remained resolute but we know that behind the scenes everyone in the sector is tired.

Despite this heroic effort and undoubted fatigue, we hope you can join us as we begin to look to the future specifically in the area of community pharmacy training. 

This podcast marks the beginning of a series where we discuss the current reality of community pharmacy training, vaccination services and autonomous working in the UK, what possibly needs to change and what future models might look like. 

We are hoping to start a conversation about what we have come to expect as ‘normal’ in terms of community pharmacy training and associated career progression. We have talked to hundreds of community pharmacists over the years as part of our work publishing various stories on Pharmacy in Practice and a recurrent theme is a lack of time. And usually a lack of time for training. 

Going into this series (with an open mind) we have made a few assumptions about the current ‘lie of the community pharmacy training land’ and it is largely that there is very little investment in community pharmacist development above and beyond mandatory training requirements. 

As part of this series, we will talk to a range of key players in pharmacy with an interest in community pharmacist education and training. My co-host for many of the series will be fellow pharmacist Derek Evans.

About Derek

Derek Evans FRPharmS, FRGS, FFTM RCPS (Glasg), FISTM, Independent Prescriber. Independent Travel Medicine Specialist and Consultant. Adjunct Clinical Professor in Pharmacy Practice. Doctor of World Sciences (h.c. CCU/USA).

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