CPhO Andrew Evans on the opportunities for pharmacy in Wales and beyond

Andrew Evans Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Wales


Andrew Evans is the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Wales. At Pharmacy in Practice, we were extremely proud to welcome Andrew on to the podcast to talk about all things pharmacy.


We have outlined the questions we asked Andrew below. Click on the podcast link below to hear what turned out to be a very interesting, informative and entertaining conversation.


  1. How does one achieve the role of Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and what aspect of your role do you really enjoy?
  2. What is your view on the political ‘shenanigans’ in pharmacy?
  3. What exciting pharmacy projects are happening in Wales at the moment?
  4. There has been a significant shift of pharmacists working in general practice. What steps have you taken to ensure pharmacists moving into new roles in general practice are adequately supported?
  5. It is my assertion that some leaders in decision making roles have never actually done the emerging general practice roles. How do you mitigate this risk?
  6. How important are primary care consultant pharmacist roles to the plans for the development of pharmacists in Wales?
  7. How important is pharmaceutical care in modern pharmacy practice?
  8. What is the minimum community pharmacy locum rate you would work for?
  9. Do test and treat sore throat services encourage unnecessary clinical testing of people?
  10. How far are we along the journey to the decriminalisation of inadvertent dispensing errors?
  11. Do you recognise bullying as a problem in pharmacy?
  12. What is your advice for newly qualified pharmacists coming through?



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