The future of the provision of care and the role of the pharmacist within these complex systems has never been more important in recent history. We are therefore very proud to shortly announce dates for the inaugural Pharmacy in Practice conference. Our conference is free to attend.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

The stark call from Community Pharmacy Scotland to temporarily halt the recruitment of the pharmacy workforce to GP primary care support roles is a reminder that Government policy decisions taken with the best of intentions do not always survive the stress test of everyday reality.

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The future leaders of our profession will emerge from their self-censored positions and present a vision of what it means to be a pharmacist.

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The Pharmacy in Practice podcast

Podcasting has become popular in recent years. We enjoy this format which allows for balanced exploration of various topics rather than the binary combative exchanges we often see on other social media platforms.

Pharmacy in Practice Webinars.

At Pharmacy in Practice we now run regular educational webinars. We invite leading pharmacists, nurses and doctors to share their expertise in their specialist area. We also love a Q&A session. These events are free for members.

On-demand webinars.

We have many hours of on-demand educational content available to Pharmacy in Practice members. Many of these are short bitesize courses so jump in and get started. To view the many hours of educational webinars for free just sign up as a Pharmacy in Practice member for free.

Supported educational resources.

Discover how Orion are supporting the NHS’s goal in reducing its carbon footprint by being the first inhaler range to be certified as carbon neutral. Read more.

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