Return to travel for community pharmacy teams

As people begin to travel again we must be ready to support them to ensure they do so safely. Travel medicine is a complex and ever-changing clinical area so training is essential. At Pharmacy in Practice we are therefore very proud to present:

“Return to travel for community pharmacy teams”

We firmly believe that if the whole pharmacy team is not on board and up to speed a pharmacy service will never succeed. We are excited to support the implementation of the Scottish community pharmacy-based travel service and our training materials have been designed to support you delivering this service.

What do you get as part of this educational programme?

We will cover the following topics as part of the programme. These topics will be pitched at pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the wider pharmacy team. There is something for everyone to help make your travel service a real success.

  • We will cover travel risk assessments.
  • We look into the principles of immunisation.
  • We will help you stay up to date with the British vaccination schedule.
  • We will cover the available travel vaccines available at the moment.
  • We will cover the sources of travel information and how to acces them.
  • We will discuss the benefits and pitfall of accessing travel health information on the internet.
  • We will look at food and water bourne disease abroad and how to mitigate the risk to your patients.
  • We will cover the topic of malaria and how to reduce the risk for travellers.
  • We will help you understand the risks associated with animal and insect bourne disease.
  • We will cover the importnace of good hygiene for travellers when abroad.
  • The programme has a number of practical elements:
    • If you are new to travel services we will show you how to set up your consultation room including what equipment you may need.
    • Are you up to date with BLS, anaphylaxis and vaccination skills
    • We will cover practical tips and advice when vaccinating and consultin with children.
    • We will cover consultation skills in relation to your travel service.
    • We will cover common injeciton errors and how to prevent them in practice.
  • Business skills.
    • We will show you how to effectively market your travel service.
    • We will share a range of modules to make sure your service is set up perfectly from a business perspective.

This list may look like a lot to cover but this programme is an ongoing one and many of these learning objectives will be covered on an on-going basis.

The importance of keeping up to date

We know that travel medicine changes constantly so in response to this your membership gives you access to a travel update webinar which we will run every two months throughout the year. These webinars will subsequently be hosted in the member’s area of Pharmacy in Practice so if you miss them don’t worry.

Who is on our team?

We are extremely proud to say that our travel programme is being led by Professor Derek Evans FRPhs, FRGS,FFTM, RCPS(Glasg) Ind Presc, FISTM supported by Johnathan Laird.

Derek has over 30 years of pharmacy experience and is an Independent Prescriber specialising in travel health. His published articles in a range of academic journals reflect his passion and commitment to providing a patient-centric service delivered by specialist pharmacists supporting colleagues in community practice. 

He is a member of the Executive of Faculty of Travel Medicine of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow) and is past Chairman of the Steering Council of the Professional Pharmacist Group of the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Return to travel for community pharmacy teams

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Please note all prices are inclusive of VAT. VAT receipts are available upon request. 

This course goes live on 1st March 2022 and places are limited on the first cohort so if you would like to pre-order you can do so below.