Future perspectives for pharmacy on atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AF) remains a prevalent and, if left undiscovered and/or untreated, a dangerous long term disorder. Many programmes across the UK have over the years attempted to address the often silent problem that is AF.

These schemes have sought to detect, protect and perfect the management of this disorder in attempts to prevent often catastrophic AF related strokes.

We were therefore very proud to welcome Lis to share her expertise on atrial fibrillation now and into the future.

Lis Neubeck is Professor of Cardiovascular Health in the School of Health and Social Care at Edinburgh Napier University. She is the Head of the Centre for Cardiovascular Health Research at Edinburgh Napier University. Lis has recently taken up the role of National Health Service Research Scotland Cardiovascular Clinical Network Lead.

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Future perspectives for pharmacy on atrial fibrillation

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