‘PRN’ medicines like Tramadol should never be on repeat


In response to the following article:


“Tramadol overdose death raises questions over repeat prescriptions.”


Dear PIP Editor,


Patients are being put at risk due to how repeat prescription services are being managed. I agree with the experienced specialist mental health nurse in this case when she said excessive accumulations of prescription medication is a common occurrence and I have seen this in practice.


I do not think that community pharmacies should have the ability to order prescriptions on behalf of people. I have seen that system abused many times.


To ensure this type of case never happens again I would like to see regular medicines reviews in practice and also in the person’s home. Working across health and social care to highlight vulnerable people who would benefit from in-home consultations and support to manage their medicines.


I think ‘when required’ medicines should not be allowed on repeat.


Yours etc.


Emma Davies