My first feelings in this profession include stress and panic attacks


Dear PIP Editor,


I am sorry to say this but I do believe the pharmacist registration assessment has been conducted very badly this year. I am highlighting this on my own behalf but also on behalf of the students who have had to resit the exam.


We have all been waiting for the GPhC to provide updates regarding the exam and it has been very stressful. It feels like no-one cares about us and we have been completely left out.


I believe that after completing a masters degree, completed a pre-registration year for 12 months and been signed off given the circumstances we should be allowed to join the register.


We all demonstrated our competencies to become qualified pharmacists. The GPhC could make the whole process so much easier. I wish I had not had months without work and month.


I have been diagnosed with panic attacks due to this on-going stressful situation. I know I am a resitter but all I ask is a fair chance.


Some have that the registration assessment is essential this year. The content of the exam, whilst important, comprises largely of information from the BNF which is available at the pharmacy at all times.


We have been trained for 12 months so should have done enough to provide patient care and to follow GPhC standards. The exam doesn’t reflect if we are good or bad pharmacists.


This year has had an enormous impact on my health. It feels extremely stressful and this is sad because it seems like the situation could be avoidable.


I have been diagnosed with panic attacks and these have become worse throughout the year. I continue to become more stressed because I have to continue to wait to hear further news.


I am currently not able to work as others have because I’m a resitter.


Yours etc.,




This student wishes to remain anonymous.



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