New strength of alimemazine oral solution sugar-free 10mg/5mL now available for dispensing

A new strength of alimemazine oral solution sugar-free 10mg/5mL is now available for dispensing.

NHSBSA Hints and Tips Dispensing Contractors

Issue 44 (July 2021)

Unlicensed medicines update.

The following Actual Medicinal Products (AMPs) are now licensed:

Alimemazine 10mg/5ml oral solution sugar-free (Lucis Pharma Ltd) with AMPP = 100ml.

Instead of using Alimemazine 10mg/5ml oral solution (Special Order), you may want to consider using the licensed option instead.

Alimemazine 10mg/5mL oral solution sugar-free

Lucis Pharma Ltd – PIP Code: 124-6420

This was previously only available via Special Order.

Now with NHS dm+d List Price: £182.00 for dispensing community pharmacy contractors.

WholesalerProduct Code

New 10mg/5mL compliments existing Alimemazine 7.5mg/5mL and 30mg/5mL oral solutions with a convenient measure to help improve patient compliance

For a typical 10mg adult dose of Alimemazine oral solution:

  • 10mg/5mL requires one 5mL measure.
  • 7.5mg/5mL requires approximately.
  • 6.6mL 30mg/5mL requires approximately 1.3mL.

‘Sugar-free preparations should be used whenever possible.’ – BNF Guidance on Prescribing.

For the management of urticaria and pruritus – see the full SPC here.