Pharmacist Support appoint new Trustees

Pharmacist Support, the independent charity for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students recently welcomed five new Trustees to its board. The successful candidates are as follows:

  • David Downham.
  • Karen Harrowing.
  • Mohammed Hussain.
  • Mala Khiroya.
  • Alison Scowcroft.    

2022 marks the start of a three-year term for the new recruits who join existing Board members Anita Cawley, Catherine Harper, Paul Johnson, Steve Lutener, Esther Sadler-Williams, Mark Sweeney and Sarah Willis. The start dates of the new recruits will be staggered across the year to accommodate the departure of Steve Lutener who completes his final term in May.

Karen, David and Mohammed begin their 3-year term in January 2022, with Alison and Mala joining the board in June.

As the profession’s charity, Pharmacist Support relies heavily on a dedicated team of volunteers to support its work. At the beginning of 2021, the charity announced plans to enhance its volunteer schemes to ensure that they reflected the diverse experiences, backgrounds and needs of all in their pharmacy family. Part of this plan included the recruitment of several new volunteer trustee board members.

“Since the launch of the charity’s new strategy in January 2020, the profession has been faced with many new challenges. We are really proud of the work we have done in the last few years to address some of these challenges, that have led to a number of new developments for the charity, including the launch of our new counselling offer and Wellbeing Learning Platform, the expansion of our ACTNow wellbeing campaign and development of our new website” commented Chief Executive Danielle Hunt.

“However, we still have lots of work to do, especially with the continued high levels of stress and potential burnout present within pharmacy. We are really pleased that the five new trustees bring with them a plethora of experience and skills that will further support us in the next phase of our journey.”

Speaking in her new role as Chair, Esther Sadler-Williams commented:

“Despite the challenges thrown at us, I have seen the charity go from strength to strength over the past few years. Steve has played a big part in this transition and on behalf of the Board and staff I would like to thank him for his calm and positive approach and his dedication to our beneficiaries, staff and fellow trustees during this time. I look forward to welcoming our new trustees into the fold and working with them to ensure we continue to champion the wellbeing of our pharmacy family and deliver on our 5-year strategy.”

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