CPD bites: Get ready for flu season

Flu season is fast approaching and in recent times it has never been so important to encourage people to get the flu vaccine.

We continue our series of learning activities aimed at helping you to refresh your knowledge of influenza and in particular some of the clinical aspects associated with the vaccination process.

1. True or false all but one of the influenza vaccines available in the UK are inactivated?

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2. True or false the flu vaccines can cause clinical influenza in those that are vaccinated?

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3. True or false when used in relation to vaccines the word attenuated means 'strengthened'?

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4. True or false most of the flu vaccines are prepared from viruses grown in embryonated hens' eggs?

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5. How long after immunisation with the flu vaccine are the protective immune responses achieved?

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6. True or false the flu vaccines should be stored between 2-8 degrees centigrade?

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7. True or false freezing the flu vaccines does not cause damage to the vaccines?

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8. True or false you should shake the vaccine before administration?

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9. True or false Fluenz® Tetra is supplied as a nasal spray suspension in a special applicator?

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10. True or false the inactivated influenza vaccines should normally be given into the anterolateral thigh in infants?

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The Green book of immunisation – chapter 19 influenza (publishing.service.gov.uk)

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