Are you ready for flu vaccination season?

Flu season is fast approaching and in recent times it has never been so important to encourage people to get the flu vaccine.

Welcome to the first in a series of learning activities aimed at helping you to refresh your knowledge of influenza and in particular some of the clinical aspects associated with the vaccination process.

1. True or false influenza is highly infectious?

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2. What is the usual incubation period of influenza?

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3. Influenza is characterised by the symptoms that emerge slowly?

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4. For otherwise healthy individuals, how long does recovery from influenza usually take?

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5. True or false influenza may present as otitis media in children?

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6. True or false the influenza is seasonal with most cases occurring during an eight to ten week period over winter?

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7. True or false antigenic drift rarely occurs progressively from one influenza season to the next?

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8. True or false there have never been any recorded influenza pandemics in previous years?

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The Green book of immunisation – chapter 19 influenza (

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