How much do you know about Chickenpox?

This CPD challenge is designed to help you begin to build your knowledge and expertise in this area. It is imperative that as modern pharmacists we drive excellence in the care that we provide through the clinical services that we deliver for our patients.

We hope you share our ambition that every pharmacist should now actively be involved in prescribing activities tailored to the local population we serve.

Take your first step on your journey with us.

1. True or false Chickenpox, also called varicella?

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2. True or false Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus?

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3. True or false Chickenpox is a relatively rare disease and is not very infectious?

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4. True or false if children under the age of ten years old contract Chickenpox they usually suffer severe symptoms?

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5. Historically the incidence of chickenpox is seasonal?

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6. Historically when did the peak incidence of Chickenpox happen?

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7. True or false the seasonality of Chickenpox has been less marked in recent years?

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8. True or false the chance of contracting chickenpox from a household contact is approximately 10%?

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9. True or false because of the high prevalence in childhood, 90% of adults raised in the UK are immune to the Chickenpox virus?

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10. True or false varicella is rarely transmitted by direct person to person contact and by droplet spread?

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