PDA membership hits record high

The latest figures are for the year ending 31st March 2021 and the audited data confirms that the Pharmacist Defence Association (PDA) membership is now at a highest ever figure of 32,582 members.

31st March 2019 – 28,213 members

31st March 2020 – 30,393 members (a 7.7% increase)

31st March 2021 – 32,582 members (a further 7.2% increase)

The PDA provides membership data annually to the Certification Officer, the government body that regulates trade unions and employer organisations. In addition, as a trade union with more than 10,000 members, the PDA has an obligation to publish independently certified membership figures, and so the PDA membership numbers are externally audited before being reported.

PDA Union General Secretary, John Murphy said:

“Increasing our membership by more than a seventh since 2019 gives an indication of how the PDA is needed and valued by pharmacists. I encourage any individual employed or locum pharmacist who has not yet joined the PDA, to do so as soon as possible.”

PDA Director, Paul Day  added:

“We value each of our existing members and their contribution to our successes.  Though we have grown significantly we look forward to welcoming many more members into the PDA in future.”

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