What is pneumonia?

This CPD challenge is designed to help you begin to build your knowledge and expertise in this area. It is imperative that as modern pharmacists we drive excellence in the care that we provide through the clinical services that we deliver for our patients.

We hope you share our ambition that every pharmacist should now actively be involved in prescribing activities tailored to the local population we serve.

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1. True or false the symptoms of pneumonia usually develop over the course of several weeks?

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2. What words best describe the nature of the mucous associated with pneumonia?

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3. True or false the mucous in a person with pneumonia may often contain blood?

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4. True or false, a person with pneumonia can suffer breathlessness even at rest?

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5. Which of the following are common symptoms of pneumonia?

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6. True or false, haemoptysis is a less common symptom of pneumonia?

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7. True or false, middle-aged people are at most risk of hospitalisation due to pneumonia?

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8. Pneumonia is usually the result of a viral infection?

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9. True or false, pleurisy is a known complication of pneumonia?

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10. True or false, people at high risk of pneumonia should receive the pneumococcal vaccination?

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