GPhC announce registration assessment results


A total of 2666 candidates sat the registration assessment on 17th and 18th March 2021, with 2352 candidates who passed the assessment; an overall pass rate of 88.2%. Since 2011, pass rates for the registration assessment have ranged from 72% to 95%.


1310 candidates sat the assessment on 17th March, with a pass rate of 90.2%. On 18th March 1356 candidates sat the assessment, with a pass rate of 86.4%.


The registration assessment was postponed from June 2020 and moved online, in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The full analysis from the March 2021 registration assessment will be discussed by the GPhC Council in May.

March 2021 summary statistics


Number % of total
Total number of candidates 2666 100%
Number of first time sitter 2398 90.0%
(of which were provisionally registered) (2281) (77.4%)
Number of second time sitters 142 5.3%
Number of third time sitters 126 4.7%
Candidate performance – pass rates 
First sitting candidates – pass 2151 80.7%
(of which were provisionally registered – pass) (2063) (77.3%)
Second time sitters – pass 100 3.8%
Third time sitters – pass 101 3.8%
Individual sitting performance
17th March – pass 1181 44.3%
18th March – pass 1171 43.9%
Overall pass  2352 88.2%
Overall fail 314 11.8%

Registration assessment results 2011-2019 (June sittings)


Pass rates are rounded to the nearest whole number.


Registration year Total sitting Total passing Pass rate
2019 2942 2128 72%
2018 2942 2318 79%
2017 2823 2208 78%
2016 2804 2672 95%
2015 2811 2077 74%
2014 2552 2175 85%
2013 2579 1999 78%
2012 2475 2342 95%
2011 2357 2015 86%


GPhC Chief Executive Duncan Rudkin said:


“Congratulations to the candidates who passed our recent online registration assessment. This truly is a great achievement, particularly given the challenges these candidates faced. I also want to thank the tutors, education and training providers and employers who supported candidates throughout this extremely difficult year.


“We know that candidates who haven’t passed this sitting will be very disappointed. We hope the guidance we have developed will help them understand their options for next steps and are grateful to all of the organisations and individuals across pharmacy who will also provide them with support and advice.


“We expect there are a number of factors that may have contributed to this relatively high pass rate. This year has obviously been very different compared to previous years and it is not possible to determine with any degree of certainty which factors would have had the most significant impact.


“We are confident that we have maintained the overall standard required to pass both sittings and that all successful candidates have suitably demonstrated the knowledge, skills and experience needed to practise safely and effectively. We wish the successful candidates all the best in their future careers.”


Sandra Gidley, President of Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said:


Congratulations to all those who have passed their pre-registration assessment this year. Considering the unusual circumstances presented by the pandemic, this is an outstanding achievement and we at the RPS are very proud of the commitment shown by all trainee pharmacists in preparing for the exam.


“If you didn’t get the result you were hoping for, try not to be downhearted. We are here to help and will support you in the best way we can to help you become a fully qualified pharmacist.


“We must continue to support and protect our pharmacists for the future, and we’ll be working hard with the GPhC to address the challenges of this year’s assessment. We’d now like to see more information on the pass rates of those who took the exam remotely and in person in exam centres, as this will continue to be a model for the assessment going forward.”


Sean Brannen, President of the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA), said:


“The BPSA is proud of every candidate that put themselves forward to sit the assessment in March, they did so in the most challenging of circumstances.  Each one of these candidates has made an incredible contribution to the profession and we wish them all the very best of luck today.


“We hope that a huge majority will be receiving positive news and for those that don’t receive the news they were hoping for, we will continue to seek opportunities to help them succeed at their next attempt.”


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