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“Urgent clarification required about registration assessment”


Dear PIP Editor,


The registration assessment process in pharmacy has been a mess this year.


It has taken nine months to source an organisation to deliver the registration assessment. Recently we had the odd announcement that mass registration assessment sittings will happen remotely but within large venues.


The rationale seems to be that there is not enough space close to home amid a pandemic. Online solutions should have been considered earlier or, indeed, work-based assessment should have been taken into account.


Workforce issues, should these candidates fail the exam, have unfortunately not been considered.


The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) need to answer some serious questions about the handling of this process in my view.


I think the process should have been done differently. Options that could have been explored more thoroughly. For example, work-based placements for their assessment could have been used to allow them on to the register like other professions.


And more than this I think provisionally registered pharmacists should be allowed to register this year without sitting an exam.


That said I do think that the exam is important. Standards need to be upheld. That said, the GPhC has been happy to let them practice for nine months so what changes with an exam?




Finally, I want to say that as a pharmacist that has been on the register for quite a few years the uncertainty, doubt and stress around this situation must be terrible. It must be dreadful for the people affected.


There is so much on the line at that stage in your professional life and these things do matter especially if you happen to fail the assessment.


Our regulatory body unfortunately is not leading by example.


Yours etc,




This experienced pharmacist wishes to remain anonymous.



Has your life been impacted by the situation around the provisional registration process? We would really like to hear from you. If you answer the questions below and indicate that you give us permission we will publish your contribution as a letter to the editor.






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