PDA donations to Pharmacist Support surpass £110,000


Following a contribution of £12,796 paid in December 2020, the total amount donated under the PDA’s charity partnership pledge to Pharmacist Support, established in 2018, has now surpassed £110K. On top of the £1 for each member per year donated by the PDA, its members have added additional funds via personal donations channelled through this PDA initiative.


PDA Chairman Mark Koziol said:


“The PDA exists to support pharmacists when they are in difficulty and Pharmacist Support provides much needed complimentary help to that which we can provide as a defence association and trade union. Because of conditions caused by Covid-19, many more pharmacists, Pre-regs and even pharmacy students are facing greater levels of desperation, burnout and hardship than we can ever remember.


As an organisation that provides direct support to many individuals in distress, the PDA recognises just how much more help is needed. We are proud to be a regular and significant financial supporter of this important charity.


We would also like to thank our members, many of whom are additionally involved in supporting other valuable charities for making a further personal donation via the facility we’ve made available on our website when they come to join or renew their membership.”


Pharmacist Support is a charity that helps pharmacists and pharmacy students who have hit difficult times and the PDA encourages all pharmacists to consider making a New Year’s resolution by making a direct contribution at this time, no matter how large or small.


You can read more about the partnership and contribute here.


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