£4.5 million additional pandemic support for Scottish pharmacies


The Scottish Government has agreed with Community Pharmacy Scotland to make an additional financial support payment for staffing related costs totalling £4.5 million for the period May and June 2020. Interim Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Scotland Alison Strath has written to the network to inform them about the additional payments.


Each pharmacy contractor shall receive a single flat payment of £1,200 (£1.5 million). Each eligible contractor’s share will be calculated as that contractor’s share of the balance (£3.0 million) as a share of total dispensings made over a previously determined period. The reference period for dispensing pool payments for will be reference period March to May 2020, paid from October to December 2020.


The Scottish Government made an initial financial support payment to the community pharmacy network at the outset of the pandemic amounting to £5.5 million. Following a cost survey undertaken by Community Pharmacy Scotland in partnership with Scottish Government, an additional financial payment for staffing costs will be made to pharmacy contractors in Scotland.


Director of Operations at Community Pharmacy Scotland Matt Barclay commented:


“CPS is delighted with the news today that pharmacy team members will be financially recognised by Scottish Government due to their contribution through this pandemic. It has been said many times that community pharmacy team members have been going above and beyond through this period and have played an integral part of the NHS response to Covid 19. This recognises this in real terms.


“The details of this unique payment to individuals from Scottish Government will have to be worked through as pharmacies are independently contracted to deliver NHS services and the NHS is not the direct employer of individuals who work in community pharmacy teams. CPS will work to deliver as practical a solution as is possible in a timely manner and work will start on this, with our members and Scottish Government, in the coming days and weeks.”


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