Principles & Practice for Pharmacy Technicians course launched


The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has said that a new course developed for pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians will give them new skills to help pharmacy teams battle through the COVID-19 pandemic.


The BTEC Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians aims to free up pharmacists’ time during the current second wave of COVID-19 and make technicians confident members of the pharmacy team. Technicians studying the diploma will be encouraged to demonstrate their learning in everyday situations right from the start with knowledge being observed by assessors in the pharmacy to encourage students to act independently and consistently.


The NPA has said that pharmacy technicians will have a greater role in pharmacy in the future and the diploma will not only broaden the student’s skill-set but make them a more valuable resource within the team.


They will also gain underpinning knowledge in biology and chemistry as well as medicinal treatments for common medical conditions.


The course which is accredited by the GPhC and Pearson will meet the GPhC’s updated Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians.


Louise Baglole, Head of Learning and Development at the NPA said:


“This diploma is unlike others in the marketplace. It is an integrated course tailored to suit the needs of the learner and the pharmacy, at a time where pharmacy is changing, and the responsibility and professional recognition of pharmacy technicians is growing.


“We know that COVID-19 has brought about intense workloads and new challenges to community pharmacies – unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Our BTEC course qualifies learners to work as accuracy checking technicians and equips them with leadership skills without any need for further separate training, making them a more valuable instant resource within the pharmacy during these testing times. Having a highly-skilled pharmacy technician in the pharmacy can free up the pharmacist’s time to concentrate on delivering better patient care and increasing service provision.”


The NPA’s BTEC course also doesn’t stipulate off-the-job training explained Louise.


“It gives flexibility for the employee to train and learn how they want to. This course also gives you credits to further qualifications which other approved courses don’t.”


Further information is available here.



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