PharmaDoctor launch rapid COVID-19 antigen testing service package


PharmaDoctor has announced the launch of its new Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing Service Package, available to community pharmacists.


The PharmaDoctor Package includes the following:


  • A free COVID-19 Testing Service consultation eTool – the eTool guides pharmacists through the test consultation, records the patient’s past experience of COVID and records past or current test results. Open access to the service data will be made available to Public Health Organisations to support disease surveillance.


  • Exclusive supply of Fortress Rapid Antigen Test Kits – producing a test result from a nasal swab in only 15 minutes without the need for further analytical equipment or a lab analysis.


  • Free patient referrals via PharmaDoctor’s online service advertising campaign – to support social distancing, patients are able to register for the service (here) and begin their consultation online via the patient end of the eTool.


  • Free marketing support materials – a full suite of B2C POS posters, template social media adverts and videos to help pharmacists to promote their new service inpharmacy and online.


Commenting on the new service package, PharmaDoctor’s CEO, Graham Thoms, said:


“We’re delighted to bring pharmacists this new COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing Service Package, including the exclusive supply of Fortress Rapid Antigen Test Kits to our pharmacy partners.  During the current pandemic, pharmacies continue to play a key role in the communities they serve, so now pharmacists can offer their customers access to an affordable   rapid private COVID-19 testing service which will be a vital part of helping us all get back to some kind of normality.”


“We believe our service package will enable pharmacies to offer customers the most affordable private COVID-19 Testing Service in the UK with a recommended service price of only £70-£80 which is nearly half the price of other services recently reported in the media”.


Pharmacists can order the free support package and Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits via their usual PharmaDoctor account.


PharmaDoctor has said that if pharmacists have customers who need proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for the purposes of travelling (Fit to Fly tests), they will need to complete a PCR test, which involves a swab sample and lab analysis rather than rapid tests.


PharmaDoctor already supplies thousands of PCR tests to its partner pharmacies, so pharmacists can also order these test kits along with the new Rapid Antigen Test Kits by logging into their PharmaDoctor account here.



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