Free COVID-19 PPE for community pharmacists in England


The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Portal, designed for healthcare workers in England to use in emergency circumstances, has changed from being a top-up system to become the primary source of PPE during COVID-19.


Community pharmacists are included in the list of eligible primary care professionals and should now order their PPE, free of charge, through the portal.


Responding to the news, English Pharmacy Board Chair Claire Anderson said:


“We are pleased that this portal has changed to become the primary source for pharmacists to get protection against COVID-19. The RPS has been calling throughout the pandemic for access to the highest quality PPE, fully provided by DHSC, as pharmacists shouldn’t have to foot the bill for themselves.


“Pharmacy teams continue to see patients and support public health by remaining open for all. The demand for this protection will increase as we move into the next phase of the pandemic and we are grateful that DHSC has extended this quota.


“It is important that we all continue to follow social distancing rules while using this protection and remind those visiting their local pharmacy to follow suit and help protect staff and patients.”



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