Online pharmacy crowdfunds over £1.7 million in 48 hours


Phlo, an online pharmacy operating in England, has crowdfunded £1,728,820 from 249 investors less than two days after launching a crowdfunding campaign.


Launched in late 2019, the team at Phlo have said they are ‘on a mission to become the UK’s leading on-demand digital pharmacy’.


They say they ’empower patients to better manage their healthcare by helping them to easily order and track their prescriptions in real-time’.


Phlo claims to be the UK’s first on-demand, same-day delivery digital pharmacy. They say that they have achieved an average monthly patient growth of 43% in 2020 and served 4079 ‘users’ in September 2020.


Earlier this year they secured a contract with Babylon, to deliver telehealth services.


Nadeem Sarwar, Founder and CEO of Phlo commented:


“A few years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, and as a result, I had to go on a repeat prescription. Far too often I was having to chase my prescriptions, wait too long in pharmacy queues, or receive incomplete medication, meaning multiple trips to my local pharmacy. My experience made me realise, that I wasn’t alone and that most people trying to access medication struggled with what I think is an archaic pharmacy system.


“As a busy professional with limited time, I thought there must be an easier way, and more convenient way for me to manage and access my medication, than this. So that’s when I decided to launch Phlo. Phlo is a patient-first digital pharmacy service that puts patients back in control of their healthcare.


“We’ve laid the foundations for the future of healthcare by building the most technologically advanced pharmacy ever launched in the UK. But we are not finished yet. Today’s world is different. The pressure on healthcare now and into the future will be unprecedented. We want everyone to benefit from the pharmacy service they deserve.


“In terms of our revenue numbers, we’ve grown our total patient numbers by 1,064% since the start of the year with monthly revenue growth of at least at 73%, every month, and we continue to do that.


“Our aim is to deploy this investment into helping scale our real-time same-day delivery service across other cities in the UK and implement new product features to ensure whatever happens our patients will always be in control.”


Chief Commercial Officer at Phlo commented:


“Monday 12th October 2020 was a huge day for Phlo as we launched the UK’s first crowding funding campaign in the pharmacy sector. Phlo represents a step-change in the online pharmacy space. No-one is currently doing what we do. We are a generational business and this is a great opportunity to be part of our story.


“Our mission is to make health care flow around your day. And we achieve that by providing a digital pharmacy and medication delivery service that is unparalleled in terms of convenience, accessibility and ease of use, close for everybody. As long as someone is registered with a GP in England, we can provide them with a first in class pharmacy service and deliver their medication across the UK.


“We deliver repeat and acute NHS and private prescriptions in London. We offer a real-time same-day delivery service that ensures that patients can order and receive their medication within four hours, all while easily tracking their medication on the light map as it travels from our pharmacy to their doorstep. Our handy reminder notification system also means our patients never forget to order their medication. Our patients can get in touch with our pharmacist via text, phone call or email.


“At Phlo, we take phenomenal pride in our patient care. Our team of qualified pharmacists are on hand to answer any patient queries through telephone, email, or live chat, whenever they need to. We’ve helped patients as young as five and as old as 84 to access to medication, and the excellent feedback we’ve received so far has validated the success of our patient-centric approach.


“COVID-19 has created a huge surge in demand for digital pharmacy services. We are proud to be helping those who are most vulnerable access to medication with confidence, and peace of mind, we’ve laid the foundation.”


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