I failed by one mark and now can’t register as a pharmacist


Dear PIP editor,


I wanted to write to you to tell you about the situation I face this year as I try to join the GPhC register as a pharmacist.


This year has been absolutely devastating for me. I failed the clinical paper in the pre-registration assessment by one mark.


One mark.


This means that this year I have not been able to register provisionally like many of my colleagues. They are on the register and are now practising despite never having to sit the exam.


The whole situation really has been very traumatic. It has affected my mental health immensely. I now suffer from depression and anxiety. The situation has really taken a toll on me. I normally work hard and get on with life but I am struggling here.


I am 42 years old. I completed my degree as a single parent of two children.


Before studying for my degree I completed a foundation year in science. Given my situation, this was not easy. I had a long daily commute but I kept at it.


Getting this far has been a struggle financially and emotionally. I do not want sympathy but it does feel cruelly unfair.


It was just one mark.

I feel that this year the GPhC need to cancel the exam. We have completed a 4-year degree and are well educated in the field. The exam is basically a case of learning and regurgitating the whole BNF.


I wrote to the GPhC and unfortunately, this has achieved nothing to further my situation. I still dearly want to become a pharmacist so I hope writing to you will help in some way.


Thank you.


Yours etc.




This pre-registration pharmacist wishes to remain anonymous.



Has your life been impacted by the situation around the provisional registration process? We would really like to hear from you. If you answer the questions below and indicate that you give us permission we will publish your contribution as a letter to the editor.




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