Date for pre-registration exam urgently needed


The Pharmacist Defence Association (PDA) has commented on the on-going delayed pre-registration examination situation. They have said that a date for the registration assessment is urgently needed.


The comments come shortly after a recent update issued by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).


The PDA commented that since the GPhC made their decision to cancel the pre-reg assessment exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, and subsequently created provisional registration, they have listened very carefully to the issues and concerns raised by their members, represented these concerns to the regulator and contributed positively to GPhC policies on provisional registration.


They have said that it is ‘very disappointing’ that the regulator has taken this long to progress their plans and even this announcement still fails to give full clarity on timing. This leaves prov-regs still unable to request the specific study leave they need in order to make final preparations, adding more stress on new entrants to the profession as well as causing further headaches for their employers.


Since March, the PDA has called for full details of the assessment to be communicated as early possible. Additionally, they have supported our members from the 2020 pre-reg year and resitters with telephone calls and regular online meetings, they have developed their Charter for Provisional Registration.


Although this decision demonstrates that the regulator has heard and responded to these concerns, the PDA has said that an exact date is still urgently needed so that individuals can prepare detailed study plans; just as previous cohorts have done in normal circumstances.


The PDA commented:


“We also recognise that these unprecedented circumstances have led to extreme uncertainty and anxiety for many as pharmacy approaches a comprehensive flu vaccination campaign and a likely second wave of COVID-19. The PDA has called for the regulator to consider a more appropriate assessment for those who are provisionally registered, whilst recognising that calculations are a vital element to the assessment process and for protecting patient safety.


“Many provisionally registered pharmacists will have been working for many months, contributing to frontline patient care during a pandemic as pre-regs and prov-regs, by the time the assessment takes place.


One PDA Prov Reg member said:


“It is bizarre to think that by the time we come to sit the exam we will have been working as Responsible Pharmacists for almost 6 months, and if our employer does not give us adequate time off for study we may fail the exam and lose a job which we will have demonstrated we are competent in doing.”


A pre-reg member who is planning to resit the exam said:


“We are heading into unknown territory with the first ever online exam for pre-reg pharmacists. We hope that the GPhC will ensure that a fit for purpose no detriment policy is in place for those who have caring responsibilities, disabilities and those who require adjustments. We hope their policy will also take into account a further opportunity to sit the exam for those who are on their final attempt and may be impacted by the stress of a change to an unknown online process.”


Another prov-reg member said:


“It is a disappointment that the GPhC couldn’t find a different assessment and examination process for those of us who are working provisionally this year. However, we are pleased to have some clarity on the timeline and hope that employers will now be supportive and allow prov-regs study time and time off for revision once the date of the exam is announced.”




Has your life been impacted by the situation around the provisional registration process? We would really like to hear from you. If you answer the questions below and indicate that you give us permission we will publish your contribution as a letter to the editor.





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