Why is a decision on the pre-reg exam problem taking so long?


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GPhC announce results of provisionally-registered pharmacist survey


Dear PIP editor,


I am a pre-registration pharmacist and did my training in the 2018 – 2019 year. I sat the September exam last year on my first attempt and failed. I have not been allowed to join the register. I cannot practise as a provisionally registered pharmacist.


I am honestly quite angry and disappointed.


The current situation with the provisionally registered pharmacists is appalling. Absolutely appalling from the GPhC.


The exam was cancelled in March. There has since been very poor communication and few updates with any substantial information since then. The main piece of information that has been given was the fact the exam will possibly be held at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. No decision on this has been made since March.


Why has it taken so long to decide this?


I feel we ‘resitters’ have been tossed to the side and forgotten. Everything I’ve read about has been about provisionally registered pharmacists and supporting them.


My life is on hold until that exam. I’ve been trying to keep up with revision but it’s hard revising for something you have no date or time frame for. I feel as though all the provisionally registered pharmacists who are asking to not sit the exam don’t realise how lucky they are. They get to practice and continue with there career and further themselves.


It makes me angry to think that I’ve got my whole life on pause until this exam and now they don’t want to have to sit the exam. The exam may not be the best way to test us but how can you make a group of people wait over a year to sit the exam but allow another group to not sit the exam.


It just doesn’t make sense in my eyes. We are all at a disadvantage.


The provisionally registered pharmacists argue that they won’t have time to revise to sit the exam. Yet the ‘resitters’ have been out of practice for a year and the revision isn’t as fresh as when we originally started our pre-reg training. It’s more difficult for all of us as this whole situation is totally unexpected.


For me, if it is going to be a rush to get the exam online by the end of this year why not just push it to next year?


Make a decision and don’t keep us all in limbo.


Communication is key. This is already a tough situation and the lack of communication and guidance from the GPhC has made the situation so much worse than it needed to be. Being kept in limbo for 6-8 months takes a massive toll on someone’s mental health and well-being.


Personally, I don’t have much faith in the GPhC at this point.


Yours etc.


The pre-registration pharmacist who wrote this letter wishes to remain anonymous.



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