Resitters: The forgotten pre-registration pharmacist cohort


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GPhC announce results of provisionally-registered pharmacist survey


Dear PIP editor,


I have a family member who has been affected by the delay of the pre-registration exam. He sat the exam last year and failed by only a couple of marks in the calculations part of the exam. The outcome of this exam may have been impacted by unexpected personal issues in his life just before the exam itself. He was very hopeful to be sitting the exam again this year and had invested more time into preparing for this only to find out it had been postponed.


Unlike the rest of the pre-registration pharmacists, he was unable to be provisionally registered due to failing a part of the exam by a couple of marks. This has not only set him back but also really affected his mental health knowing many other people is his position were practising and he was unable to with no clear date and answer as to when the exam will be held.


It is very upsetting for me to see how people like him and others in his position have been given no extra support or guidance. Most of the information provided is for the pharmacists with the provisional registrations.


I find this appalling.


Other councils such as the NMC and GMC have supported the students affected by the pandemic and tried to facilitate people of all circumstances.


More could be done to help.


There should be more clear guidance and regular updates about what is being done to support those who cannot practise as provisional pharmacists. There should also be more regular updates on what is being done to set a clear date for the exam. More support should be given to those who were not able to register provisionally for whatever reason.


Despite all this, I still think provisionally registered pharmacists should not be allowed to register this year without sitting an exam.


For someone that has previously failed the calculations exam by two marks, this situation needs to be remedied as soon as possible. His career means a lot to him. Therefore, watching people who are now able to practise with a provisional licence yet being unable to do the same himself is very distressing.


This has impacted my family member financially, and mentally. He has been set back in many ways. Family life at home has been affected and he is also financially worse off.


Yours etc.


The author of this letter is a nurse practitioner writing on behalf of a close family member with permission and wishes to remain anonymous.



Has your life been impacted by the situation around the provisional registration process? We would really like to hear from you. If you answer the questions below and indicate that you give us permission we will publish your contribution as a letter to the editor.





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