Provisionally registered pharmacists should not have to sit the exam


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Dropping the pre-reg exam – an overview of arguments


Dear PIP editor,


I think the handling has been poor and not all students have been taken into consideration. They have been treated differently and unfairly.


The GPhC should have assessed all sitters in a different manner. Maybe online modules or extra aspects that would ensure all pre-regs, including those who are doing resits could be provisionally registered. This would give all pre-reg pharmacists a level playing field and all could then register and move forward instead of all this waiting and uncertainty.


The process is unfair.


Some pre-regs had to leave their jobs because the new set of pre-regs could have jobs. They will be facing financial difficulty and dealing with finding a job with a degree that’s only fit for one job in reality. Other institutions have been able to move forward. For example, schools and universities. A-levels and GCSE’s all went ahead. Doctors and nurses moved forward. We are stuck and it feels like the re-sitters are being penalised and being ignored.


What if the provisionally registered pharmacists fail their first exam?


How does that make them any different to the re-sitters who were not able to register? I can’t see why a masters degree, a full year of pre-reg, GPhC competencies each 5 times completed, regular appraisals and then a sign off from your tutor to say you are fit to sit the exam and be a pharmacist is not enough?


Why do they need more?


The exam should have been switched to a different format in the beginning. It may mean we had modular work to do rather than an exam but it would still mean we were safe. We would still be demonstrating our ability to care for the public safely. The majority of the time we can use reference sources in pharmacy, make this more attainable in the exam too. The exam is not a true representation of a pharmacist’s role.


To be clear I think provisionally registered pharmacists should be allowed to register this year without sitting an exam.


I have myself have completed the exam. I do not think it is a true representation of how a pharmacist works. There are too many scenarios to fit into one exam. This comes with experience, not through one exam. I think all sitters should be able to register including re-sitters.


I failed the exam last year. I have worked in a pharmacy for 18 years now and I am more than capable to join the register. It is just unlucky that nerves got the best of me. I have tried to apply for jobs and the only other job is a medical representative that notices my MPharm degree. This isn’t a profession I want to pursue. I didn’t study as a mature student to work in sales. I have had to work as a pharmacy advisor for minimum wage. I actually feel regret because of the whole process. I can just about pay my bills. Not to mention the knock-on effect on my mental health. It is hard to have faith in the GPhC when they just don’t care about people like me. Nobody cares about the re-sitters and its upsetting.


Yours etc.


This provisionally registered pharmacist wished to remain anonymous.



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