PharmaDoctor launch innovative allergy test ‘n treat service


PharmaDoctor has announced the launch of its innovative new Allergy Test ‘n Treat Pharmacy Service Package in partnership with allergy test kit supplier,


The PharmaDoctor Allergy Test ‘n Treat Service Package enables pharmacists to test their patients for over 280 allergens related to foods, pollens, pets, dust mites, yeasts, moulds and many others, as part of a clinically robust allergy consultation service.


The new pharmacy service package includes:


  • FREE PharmaDoctor Allergy eTool – consultation guidance software with 10 integrated PGDs enabling pharmacists to offer up to 17 POM treatments including those for grass pollen allergy, allergic rhinitis, allergy-induced conjunctivitis and dermatitis.
  • FREE allergy online CPD training course including tips and advice on how to market the service.
  • FREE service marketing support such as POS materials, promotional videos and template social media adverts.
  • FREE pharmacy listing on the Allergy Test ‘n Treat service page of the PharmaDoctor patient website which allows pre-service registration and the option for patients to complete the initial consultation remotely.
  • FREE patient referrals via PharmaDoctor’s digital advertising campaign.
  • Full support from the PharmaDoctor multi-disciplinary medical team.


Pharmacists offering the new PharmaDoctor Allergy Test ‘n Treat Service will first need to purchase the allergy test kit, which is an integral part of the service. During an initial allergy consultation using the PharmaDoctor eTool, the pharmacist will take a finger-prick blood sample from their patient using the test kit, then post it to the lab in the pre-paid envelope.


The patient’s test results will be automatically uploaded to the PharmaDoctor eTool by the lab within two weeks so that the pharmacist and patient can discuss the results of the test in a follow-up consultation. The eTool’s algorithm will then intelligently suggest appropriate treatments based on a combination of the patient’s allergy test results, the patient’s allergy history data from the initial consultation and the integrated PGDs.


Commenting on the new service, PharmaDoctor’s Market Development Manager Patrick Morgan said, “our innovative new Allergy Test ‘n Treat Service Package enables pharmacists to offer their patients the most comprehensive and convenient Allergy Test ‘n Treat pharmacy service available in the UK”.


Dennis Pedersen, Retail Director at, added:


“Allergies are extremely common in the UK, affecting more than 1 in 4 adults. Whilst pharmacies can provide OTC treatments to help patients manage the symptoms of their allergies, the root cause of a patient’s allergy is often left undiagnosed. The new service package, created in partnership with PharmaDoctor, can now enable pharmacists to identify the root cause of a patient’s allergy, then treat them appropriately with a wide range of OTC and POM treatment options”.


The PharmaDoctor Allergy Test ‘n Treat Service Package is available to every UK pharmacist free of charge and they can gain access by simply logging into their usual PharmaDoctor account. The allergy test kits are available to order from Alliance Healthcare (product code 8019416) for £90.94. The recommended service price including the initial consultation, test and follow-up consultation is £150. If treatment is appropriate during the follow-up consultation, pharmacists can offer these to patients for an additional service charge.


For more information contact the PharmaDoctor team here.



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