Lloyds pharmacists raise concerns about change proposals


The PDA has said it has received multiple reports from members after asking for details from the large number of pharmacists who may need support with dealing with the company’s so-called “transformation and harmonisation programme”.


Lloyds pharmacists responding to a survey have told the PDA about serious concerns they have about the consequences of the management’s proposals including:


  • 59% said they expected a detrimental financial or another impact because of what has been proposed
  • 54% had therefore raised objections during face to face meetings with local management
  • Though 4% of respondents had been told their store may close, none reported yet being offered an alternative role
  • 67% expected to be disadvantaged by proposals to change the level of support they get from their employer when they are sick
  • Though 70% had been given a calculation for a buyout of their legacy allowances, 89% of those said that what was being offered was unacceptable.


Any management proposal must also consider an individual’s circumstances, such as any disability or other protected characteristic. Of responses to date, 3% of respondents have confirmed they believe they have a “disability” which gives them protection under the Equality Act 2010. The PDA now has a member network dedicated to championing the rights of pharmacists with disabilities.


Mark Pitt, Assistant General Secretary of the PDA Union said:


“We are concerned about what we are hearing from members. As the company have not yet recognised the PDA Union we must currently provide initial support to members from outside. Had this programme been proposed after recognition, the company would have first had to consult directly with us about their proposals and listen to our views. This is one of the reasons why our members have called upon the PDA to secure trade union recognition at Lloyds as soon as possible.


“I have some key advice for Lloyds pharmacists to act upon today:


  1. If you’re not already a PDA member, join us now. If you are a member, please encourage a colleague to join us.
  2. Pledge your support for union recognition so that we can do even more to help pharmacists at Lloyds.
  3. If you are concerned about the impact of the changes please contact us for legal advice and support at here “


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