Pharmacy Schools Council welcome pharmacist education proposals


The Pharmacy Schools Council (PhSC) has announced that they are supportive of a revised structure that they say leads to increased engagement and ensures that the future workforce consists of science-based therapeutic practitioners that can meet the nation’s changing healthcare needs.


The Council has said that the proposed development of the Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists will provide an opportunity for a more structured approach to undergraduate education and early years training of pharmacists.


PhSC has said that they support a model of an MPharm with graduation at the end of Year 4 followed by foundation training. PhSC supports both periods of education being covered by common Initial Education and Training Standards, where there is a clear distinction of responsibilities between the two stages.


In addition, the council recommends:


  • Revision of the MPharm to ensure the development of clinical and behavioural skills, compatible with recognised prescribing competencies.
  • Emphasis on greater consultation, risk management and decision-making skills in all areas of education.
  • Greater preparation for, and contextualisation of, clinical placements.
  • The consideration of equality, diversity, inclusion and widening participation during all discussions.


On the suggested reforms, Professor Duncan Craig, Chair of the Pharmacy Schools Council said,


“Pharmacy schools would like to reiterate their support for the proposed changes to initial education and training. In particular, the provision of a greater level of continuity from undergraduate recruitment through to advanced practice is very welcome.


“We look forward to working with stakeholders and hope that together we can produce an imaginative, ambitious but workable set of standards and ensure the next generation of pharmacy professional leaders.”


You can read the full statement from the Pharmacy schools Council here. 


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