FIP release updated COVID-19 guidance


The latest global guidance to support the pharmacy profession through the COVID-19 pandemic has been released by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).


The guidance consists of three documents covering the following:


The revised guidance replaces FIP’s update in March. It incorporates new evidence related to treatments for COVID-19 and disease transmission (namely, that related to air conditioning) as well as the most recent advice on the use of masks, and advises caution regarding the use of rapid point-of-care tests.


The updated documents also include examples of professional services offered by pharmacists around the world to respond to the pandemic and introduce several changes to recommendations for pharmacy practice and operations in light of newly available knowledge and the evolution of the pandemic.


Finally, the updated third part of the guidance includes answers to a number of new questions sent to FIP by pharmacists from around the world.
“Increased reliance on the services of the pharmacy profession to keep our health systems going has continued over the past few months. Pharmacists must continue to serve their patients and to work with other healthcare professions to the best of their abilities and with the latest knowledge. This updated guidance from FIP will support them to do so,” said FIP President Mr Dominique Jordan.


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