GSK discontinue Haleraid® device


GSK has taken the decision to discontinue the manufacture of the Haleraid® inhaler device.

Haleraid® is a device to place over pressurised metred dose inhalers to aid when the strength in the hands of a patient is compromised.

Haleraid® has been designed specifically for use with Flixotide®, Seretide®, Serevent®, and Ventolin® inhalers.

The device is currently not allowed on NHS prescriptions.

Consultant Pharmacist Anna Murphy commented on the decision on Twitter:

“I can’t believe GSK has made the decision to discontinue the Haleraid® 200 and 120 dose. Such an important support tool for patients using MDIs who are unable to press the canister due to dexterity issues. Why not add to part IX drug tariff and increase their availability?”

“Why am I not surprised by the corporate response but this is very much a patient safety issue. If readily available it would benefit so many more of our elderly frail patients and improve patient care. Reminds me of GSK and the Volumatic …. time to lobby for our patients!”

Speaking to PIP, GSK commented:

“Prior to 2020, only three countries outside of the UK continued to have a supply of Haleraid®, with the product discontinued in Ireland since 2014.

“Following a considered review with our manufacturing partner, a variety of factors including regulatory changes, third party contracting and decreasing global demand have contributed to this global decision to discontinue Haleraid® 200 dose and Haleraid 120 dose.

“We formally notified the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) of our decision to remove registration for the product in the UK in May 2020.

“We regret that this global decision, which was not taken lightly, means that UK patients will not have access to Haleraid®.  It is important that we listen to the concerns that have been raised and following discussions with interested healthcare professionals and external organisation we will work in partnership towards a sustainable solution for patients in the UK going forward.

“In the interim patients can continue to use Haleraid® devices they have as normal. For any alternatives, patients should discuss these with their doctor or other healthcare professional.”

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One thought on “GSK discontinue Haleraid® device”

  1. Chris Foetcher says:

    Discontinuing of HALERAID is appalling.
    One of my fingers and my thumb have deteriorated to TRIGGER fingers and thumb from using inhalers for 25 years and I can’t use the inhalers without, bearing in mind I do 4 inhales daily.
    I’m really in trouble.
    The reason the haleraid was not selling was because no one knew about it even the doctors.
    There wasn’t enough advertising.
    I will have to find a replacement as mine has just broken and I literally can’t press my inhalers as my hand is damaged by their use.

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