PDA Union membership exceeds 30,000 pharmacists


At the Annual General Meeting, the PDA Union General Secretary, John Murphy reported another successful year for the PDA including a 7.7% (2,180) net increase in members from 1st April 2019 to 31 March 2020 at which point the membership numbers stood at 30,393.


The PDA membership has been growing in recent years. Unions in the UK are obliged to publish their membership numbers and if you are interested you can view this membership growth here.


Mr Murphy highlighted a number of significant milestones and achievements by the PDA this year but undoubtedly the most notable was the historic recognition deal signed with Boots.


John Murphy, PDA Union General Secretary commented:


“This meeting completes our 12th year as a trade union.  Created and governed by pharmacists, we are the voice of pharmacists. PDA Union is the largest pharmacist membership organisation and the only independent trade union exclusively for pharmacists in the UK.


“Our membership and influence continue to grow, and our reputation has been strengthened by our principled stand on issues maintaining the absolute view that we avoid conflict of interests and act in the interests of individual pharmacists.


“We continue to evolve, strengthen and broaden what we do for pharmacists at the same time as increasing the number of pharmacists that we directly represent. I look forward to our next year of continuing this exciting journey.”


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