Scottish NHS Pharmacy First service to launch in July


The Scottish NHS Pharmacy First service will now launch in July this year. The service, which had gained much interest and enthusiasm before the lockdown was postponed after an original launch date of April this year.


There is also evidence emerging from the community pharmacy network in Scotland that the workload issues are settling and a ‘new normal’ is emerging.


Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy Scotland Harry McQuillan made reference to this development during one of the regular YouTube updates:


“Pharmacy first was due to be launched on the 22nd of April, and for all the reasons we made the decision along with the CPS board, and Scottish Government partners that actually that wasn’t the right thing to do. So the NHS pharmacy full service will now be launched in eight to ten weeks time. So that’s sometime during July.


“And this is to give you time to consider the change and refresh your knowledge on what we call the art of pharmacy. So that’s about advice, referral and treatment as we go forward with NHS pharmacy first service.”


To read more about the NHS Pharmacy First service in Scotland click here. We also recently had a great chat with CPS Director of Operations Matt Barclay on the podcast. You can access that podcast here.


You can watch Harry’s full update from Friday night below.




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