What does the pandemic teach us about the future of antibiotics?

Stephen Hughes MBA, MSc, MPharm, Consultant Antimicrobial Pharmacist at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.


Stephen Hughes MBA, MSc, MPharm, is a consultant antimicrobial pharmacist at Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. We were lucky enough to catch up with him on the podcast to discuss how he and his team have adapted to working life during the pandemic. We also discussed antimicrobial pharmacy at length. A fascinating conversation.


In your view what is the importance of patient-reported outcomes in antibiotic use?


How do we innovate before we have to in the antibiotic space?


Are we too reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to keep coming up with new antibiotics and how sustainable is this cycle?


Do we make the best use of new antibiotics?


How should the UK government intervene to ensure a robust pipeline of new antibiotics remains into the future?


Are we collectively being too complacent in the prescribing practise that we tolerate with antibiotics?


What have you and your team had to unlearn during COVID-19?


Are you concerned about a surge of secondary bacterial infection in people who have suffered COVID-19?


How have your team coped with the COVID-19 situation?



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