Almost 10,000 people have come to support NHS Scotland


Almost 10,000 people, including more than 4,700 health care staff, have so far come forward to offer the NHS in Scotland their skills and expertise during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The figure includes medical and nursing students, retired NHS staff, those on a career break from the NHS and healthcare workers from outside the NHS.


In addition, there are a number of doctors and other health professionals who may come forward as a result of the work of the professional regulatory bodies.


Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:


“I give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has come forward to assist the NHS at this critical and unprecedented time.


“Our response to the COVID-19 outbreak is going to require a huge effort across all areas of health and social care. It is still possible for others to also offer their services, and if they willing and able I would encourage them to do so.


“The response we have already received shows the incredible dedication of our healthcare community, both from those just starting out in their careers and also others who have already given many years’ service.


“We owe each and every one of them, and everyone else currently working on the front line, a huge debt of gratitude.


“Those coming forward to work in our NHS are joined by the many thousands of members of the public who have signed up through the new ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign to help our communities in a variety of ways.


“The spirit and enthusiasm being shown by people from all walks of life is truly inspirational, and I thank them all.”



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