RPS calls for free prescriptions during COVID-19 outbreak


The RPS in England is calling for all prescription charges to be suspended during the coronavirus pandemic.


The RPS has signed a letter to Lord Bethell, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, as part of the Prescription Charges Coalition. The coalition is a group of 48 charities and organisations who have campaigned for many years to end prescription charges in England for people with long term conditions.


The organisation has also raised the issue directly in weekly meetings with the Pharmacy Minister, Jo Churchill, and it is part of our policy asks of Government during COVID-19.


Chair of the RPS in England Professor Claire Anderson said:


“During this time of crisis it’s vital for everyone to be taking the medication they need to stay well. We urge the government to implement this simple measure to help lift the financial burden carried by patients with long term health conditions.


Research by the Prescription Charges Coalition shows that around one in three people with long term conditions skips collecting their medication because of the cost. Too many are forced to make impossible choices between buying their medicines, heating their homes or getting the food that they need.  The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the financial hardships of many even further.


“There should be no financial barrier between a patient and the medicines they need. We hope to see an emergency waiver on prescription charges as soon as possible and are discussing this with the Government on a weekly basis.”




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