RPS national board elections cancelled


The RPS Assembly has decided to cancel the National Pharmacy Board elections 2020.


The process for elections to the National Pharmacy Boards for 2020 was launched on 13 March, with the opening of nominations. These are due to close on 3 April.


Officials at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) have commented that as the COVID-19 pandemic is now established in the UK there is considerable concern that an election would be a diversion from the key priority of the nation and the profession.


They continued that holding an election at this extraordinarily difficult time is not felt to be appropriate.


Given the exceptional and unprecedented global and national circumstances, the RPS Assembly has consequently decided to take emergency executive action and cancel the elections this year.


Those Board members whose terms of office would come to an end in June 2020 will be granted an extension of one year to their term.


To read more about the process and specifically, the Board members affected click here.




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