Volunteers to deliver medicines to the vulnerable, elderly and at-risk


A ‘priority home delivery service’ has been launched to help people unable to collect their prescription medicines during the Covid-19 pandemic.


As part of NHS Fife’s ongoing Covid-19 resilience, the health board has said on its website that it is working with community pharmacies and public and private sector organisations to deliver medicines to vulnerable, elderly and at-risk people.


Officials at the Health Board have said that volunteers will collect prescription medicines from community pharmacies and hospitals, and deliver them to people at their home.


NHS Fife Director of Pharmacy, Scott Garden, said:


“We are working closely with all our partners to make sure those who need our support during this difficult time are able to access it.


“It is important to stress that this is not a service for general use. It has been set up exclusively for those who need it most, such as people who are self-isolating and have no family member, carer or friends nearby who can collect their prescriptions for them.


“The service is likely to be inundated with enquiries and requests this week while it finds it feet, which will have an effect on community pharmacy teams. As such, please note, repeat prescriptions may take longer to be dispensed – please allow 7-10 working days.


“We appreciate your patience during this time and we are working hard with colleagues in community pharmacy to provide the best service we can in uniquely challenging times.”


Scottish community pharmacies have taken a different approach from elsewhere in the UK. Director of Operations at Community Pharmacy Scotland Matt Barclay sought to reassure the Scottish community pharmacy network about the issue of deliveries in a video published recently. We encourage you to view the YouTube video which we have embedded below.






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