GPhC issue stark warning against pharmacy pandemic profiteering


There GPhC has said it has received reports of some instances of potential profiteering in the pharmacy market.


These instances involve both sides of the market i.e. pharmacist locums and also pharmacy contractors. The examples mentioned include raised prices of pharmacy goods and also raised locum rates.

General Pharmaceutical Council Chief Executive, Duncan Rudkin commented on the issue:


“Like many people I am hugely impressed by the care and professionalism being shown by so many pharmacy professionals, pharmacy teams and pharmacy owners, pulling out all the stops to look after people. Thank you.


“By contrast, the actions of a small minority are raising concerns and anger within the profession itself and more widely. Profiteering to take selfish advantage of the current challenging situation, whether with prices of shortage products or locum rates, risks bringing the profession into disrepute at a time when public confidence generally is so fragile, and so important.”




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