Scottish gatherings above 500 people to be cancelled from Monday


From Monday all large gatherings above 500 people with the potential to impact the emergency services should be cancelled to prioritise the Covid-19 outbreak.


The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced the action in Scotland to protect the resilience of the emergency services until the impact of the virus has lessened substantially.


At a time when there is severe pressure on emergency and public services as a result of the virus, cancelling such large events will free up vital resources to focus on dealing with the outbreak.


Scottish Government has said that guidance on how this action will impact events will be produced before Monday.


The First Minister said:


“Event organisers should take action now to help our emergency services deal with the scale of the challenge we face with coronavirus.


“Our frontline services are doing a fantastic job but they are already under pressure, which will increase as the number of cases in Scotland rises.


“The emergency services are well prepared to deal with this outbreak but mass gatherings, such as large football and rugby matches as well as concerts, can have a significant impact on emergency service resources.


“Removing unnecessary burdens on our frontline workers is the right thing to do so they can prioritise their response to where it is needed most.”



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