£2000 per month to deliver community pharmacy prescribing


Following the announcement of a refreshed three year deal for community pharmacy contractors in Scotland Community Pharmacy Scotland have announced further details of the deal.


Community pharmacy contractors in Scotland will receive £2000 per month to “support the provision of a common clinical conditions IP service from their community pharmacy premises, subject to agreed parameters which will be communicated in the near future”.


This money will be available to contractors to claim from April 2020 and is available to all community pharmacy contractors in Scotland.


Pharmacy in Practice understands that this is money that is being repurposed from the current community pharmacy independent prescribing pot but the intention to target the funding to support contractors to deliver common clinical conditions clinics is a significant shift.


The service specifications have yet to be published so it remains to be seen what contractors will have to deliver to allow them to claim the money.


CPS has also announced that they are in discussion with NES to secure further courses to support demand and develop IP Pharmacists for community pharmacy.


Community Pharmacy Scotland commented:


“At CPS, we are committed to achieving our vision of having an independent prescriber delivering a common clinical conditions service in every community pharmacy in the long term. This will be crucial not only to providing the very best patient care but also as part of our plans to make community pharmacy an even more attractive career prospect.


“To that end, as part of our current strategy and related negotiations, we have been working on a clinical career pathway for pharmacists in community pharmacy. We acknowledge that we are developing this at an accelerated pace, so information has not been readily available to you as we move along – which may have been frustrating.


“We are now pleased to share with you the latest information on the project, with more detail to follow in the coming weeks as we finalise our plans.”


“The opportunity to participate in the common clinical conditions service is open to all Community Pharmacist IPs who have or intend to complete the approved common clinical conditions training. Those who have still to complete the common clinical condition two-day course can prescribe within their current competence until the course is completed.”


“We are delighted with this first step towards increasing the number and availability of IPs in our community pharmacies. This will both deliver an enhanced patient care service and a clear clinical pathway for our pharmacists – taking us further along the path to the people of Scotland being able to go to their Pharmacy First for all minor conditions.”


You can read more about Pharmacy First on the Community Pharmacy Scotland information hub and they have invited interested parties to get touch by clicking here if they have questions.


If you would like to find out more about the details around Pharmacy Frist you can listen to our interview with CPS Director of Operations Matt Barclay you can access it here.











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