Future pharmacy podcast: Will pharmacists be replaced by technology?

Jaime Acosta Gómez


Sometimes you have to try something completely different to uncover new perspectives on age-old problems.


The profession of pharmacy as we know it today has made huge strides since Jacob Bell founded the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 1841.


But what next?


This podcast series will explore how we forge ahead into the future as a profession. Helped by our guests, we will find the most interesting and forward-thinking people with an interest in all things technology and health.


In this conversation, we started at the beginning.


We take a close look at what a pharmacist is, how technology has evolved in pharmacy and where we go next. The topic of pharmaceutical care and also technaceutical care were discussed. No topic is off-limits and there were challenging questions around the survival and viability of the profession of pharmacy in light of the rapidly emerging technology.


Our guest


Jaime Acosta Gómez is a practising community pharmacist with a deep understanding of international community pharmacy, healthcare and international pharmacy associations. Jaime is an innovative, hard-working and passionate about healthcare, technology and supply chain. He is currently an Executive Committee member of the FIP Community Pharmacy Section.


We invited Jaime on to the podcast because of his interest in technology in pharmacy. Jaime is the first guest in the series but every guest from here on will be nominated by the current guest.


Jaime chose Dr Catherine Duggan as our next guest.



Your hosts


Professor Darrin Baines

Johnathan Laird










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