What do community pharmacists need to know to care for people with coeliac disease?

Fiona Headridge


We were lucky to catch up with dietitian Fiona Headridge. Fiona is a specialist dietetic practitioner for Coeliac Disease. She works for the NHS in Tayside, Scotland. She was one of the dietitians who pioneered the Scottish community pharmacy gluten-free service and joined us to give an insight into how the service was developed initially. We also talk through how subsequent evaluations of the service have gone. Fiona also shares some top tips for pharmacists working with people who require gluten-free products.



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One thought on “What do community pharmacists need to know to care for people with coeliac disease?”

  1. david becker says:

    People are people whether they have coeliac illness or not. I think experts are too attached to role as well as knowledge determining what should take place in relationships with people with celiac illness. Illness does not define people. Someone can have coeliac illness and not be impacted emotionally- others may be depressed, etc.
    Dp providers treat illnesses or people that happened to be attached to illness. Have we evolved beyond “hearing the cries of suffering organs” to hearing the persons that are attached to suffering organs?

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