John Sturrock QC to act as mediator as part of independent review of claims of a bullying culture at NHS Highland.

John Sturrock QC


The Scottish Government has appointed mediator John Sturrock QC to the independent review of claims of a bullying culture at NHS Highland.


This independent review comes as a result of various claims made recently by senior clinicians regarding the culture at NHS Highland in recent years.


Mr Sturrock commented;


“These are difficult and sensitive issues. I know from my work as a mediator how important it is to listen to people’s concerns. My primary role, therefore, is to provide a safe and confidential place for people to be heard and to explore with them what the underlying issues might be. I hope that, by better understanding, the circumstances, acknowledging the impact on individuals and services and learning lessons from the past, confidence and effective working relationships can be rebuilt.”


Health Secretary Jeane Freeman commented:


“I’m pleased that John Sturrock QC has agreed to conduct this independent review into allegations of a bullying culture at NHS Highland. These are serious allegations, and it is clearly important to me that we establish exactly what the underlying issues are so I can decide on any actions that might be necessary. The chief executive of NHS Scotland has also written to the board to offer them additional support including help with recovering their financial position and implementing agreed changes to governance.”



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