Scottish Government support experiential learning opportunities for pharmacy students

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s strategy Achieving Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care committed to improving NHS pharmaceutical care across Scotland, and crucially by further developing the pharmacy workforce capacity and capability. This is a key aim of the strategy and where pharmacy is an integral part of a modern NHS in Scotland.


In September this year, the Scottish Government agreed to support pharmacy students to undertake experiential learning across the full range of healthcare settings. The aim of this scheme is to allow pharmacy students to be exposed to experiential learning in practice. A number of pilots will take place during 2018/19, and crucially with the intention to introduce a substantial number of students into primary care. These pilots will also provide students with the opportunity to experience a mix of learning in the community, out of hours and unscheduled care sites, remote and rural practice, and specialist hospitals.


The first Pharmacy Additional Cost of Teaching (ACT) Facilitator Training got underway in Stirling last week. The training is designed to help upskill the pharmacy profession to facilitate these pilots. Further training is to be offered from January 2019.


NES is working closely with the two Scottish Schools of Pharmacy and the NHS to deliver this new initiative.


Community Pharmacy Scotland has announced on their website that this scheme is something they would like to see community pharmacy contractors in Scotland supporting.


For more information on the ACT scheme please see the NES website here.


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